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Throughout my whole life I have worked in different areas and have gained different experiences from each of them; which has given me the knowledge and confidence to start a new chapter in my life. I started my professional career working in investment banking. I spent a decade of my life in the financial markets. I have also worked as the executive producer of a children’s television show, I was a partner of an events company, I worked in public relations taking care of very special brands, and I was responsible for marketing the brands Maria Bonita e Maria Bonita Extra for over 7 years.


I come from a family that loves to entertain. Besides hosting dinner parties, we love hosting people. Giving full attention to the tidiness, cleanliness, organization, and the details that make each guest feel special. Even though times have changed, and we do not host as many guests as before, I still find pleasure in a neat home, with charming details, and the warmth and the personalization that makes each guest feel unique. It is very pleasant to host and be hosted this way.


In yet another of life’s turns, I decided to start a business that can allow my clients to have the same experience as the guests in my home. With my knowledge and expertise, I provide a great, caring hosting experience where I provide the magical sense of care and welcome that has enchanted me since childhood, while also taking care of the practical and objective part of the day-to-day running of a home.

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