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Blair House Property Management is based in Miami, and helps look after your property in Miami area.


Having someone manage your home is more than a luxury, it is the practical and convenient way to maximize your free time, comfort and lower your costs. Your property will be ready for you to enjoy at any time.


Blair House acts as a manager to help you with your property, from regular and preventative maintenance to financial management and bill payments. This is perfect for vacation homes where you are away most of the time. Having someone take care of your property on a day-to-day basis makes it easy to identify potential problems and the regular maintenance greatly reduces the extra expenses and the overall cost.


In addition to this regular visitor service and maintenance management, Blair House also offers welcome services: turning on the Internet and TV, stocking the refrigerator with your shopping list, tidying rooms, flower arrangements, or any other detail of your choice.


We offer a wide range of services to help you with all your needs. Including occasional renovations, furniture and appliance delivery, and organizing a dinner or party.


We look forward to hearing from you and creating a service package tailored to you!

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